Victor Revan

Just got done reading “Untethered Soul”.  Overall, I recommend it with huge reservations.  I’d summarize it as a mixture between Stoicism, Spirituality, and Sociopathy.  If you’re a fan of David Deida and Jordan Peterson, you’ll find parts of this useful, and part frustrating. Getting out of your head The first part of the book is fantastic, I […]

After a recent scare, I texted one of my friends: “Remind me to never have sex with a genderqueer girl, no matter how hot she is.” Over the past few years of an open marriage, and becoming a seducer man-whore, I’ve been around enough to finally set some standards.  And in the past, my CEO down below […]

Well, at last I’ve been waiting for Rollo Tomassi to discuss more about polyamory and open relationships.  He’s had a focus for a long time on Hypergamy, but didn’t really go further into relationship models other than recommend men to spin plates. Today he served up a big plate of discourse by matching some of my thoughts, […]

My passport book is nearly full, and travel often enough that I actually need to apply for a 2nd valid passport (so I can send one in to get VISAs for several countries, while traveling with my main one). Most of my travel is international: SE Asia, Australia, Europe…  and have put in many countless red-eye flights […]

Intro Polyamory culture in the US idealizes total, upfront, and blunt transparency. So, if you’re an American that practices (or considering to practice) polyamory, you have a question to answer: When do you tell new partners that you have an open relationship, polycule, whatever? Or rather, when is it best to bring it up? It’s actually a […]

Has anyone else noticed a shift in online dating in the US?  When I first started it, using Blackdragon’s methods, it worked quite ok.  I had plenty of responses and dates from OKC.  The past months I’ve gotten crap for returns. Today I took a look at my leads – well, not even leads yet, but women […]

Dating in the Carribean is either: Awesome, or Fucking Ridiculous Depend on who you are and what you’ll do, this is either the most difficult place, or the easiest place, to date someone. The reasons: Terrible economic problems, combined with something legal: Prostitution Logistics Demographics Language Barriers Prostitution I found someone online that I liked on Tinder.  […]

I travel about 40% of the time for work, many places are repeat destinations.  So each time I travel I have a goal of finding a “local squeeze”.  Dating in my hometown is one thing, but dating during a business trip is a whole other beast.  During my typical business trip, I have the following disadvantages: Unfamiliarity […]

The Malay people I met are very friendly, laid back, and do have a cool accent that everyone talks about.  But it’s tough dating here if you want to have sex quickly due to their ridiculous value for virginity (I’ve met a few virgins in their late-20’s, lost causes). This is my 2nd time in Malaysia, and […]

Privilege Being a white polyamorous guy that’s married, I’ve suffered enough from single people and their single’s privilege! They have all this free time to party and do whatever whenever. They can be up all night long, especially when they don’t have real jobs (then they have single’s AND unemployed privilege). If they aren’t working, and don’t […]